long distance calling
to pry in the fog.

devil's daughter, angel's lover

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( my new jacket )
even though i was still enjoyed in the darkness,
but why not,
i mean that it made me feel so much better than anytime before,
just do the things you really want to do.
if you love to be naked,
you can choice naked in the bathtub,
or naked in a empty house,
or naked in a forest,
or naked in a hill with the wind,
or also can be naked sit on the rock in front of the sea!
they're all the good choice,
at least i'm so yearn for that.

get tired
backstage at alexandra moura. photography by joão bacelar. luís buchinho. photography by mário vasa. ricardo dourado. photography by rui vaso.
lisbon fashion week a/w 09
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more: my flicker
i feel i'm so gratitude to them.
they are all cute guys and had a greatest band,
they made the songs that we crazy with!
and we're all enjoyed in that moment.
love the vocal, you had a pretty amazing stature~
last night was raining outside,
but "mio myo" makes everyone was burning inside.
"mio myo" done a really good job, chose a pretty way for their whole life.
we are so glad we met those guys and their music now.
what a unforgettable night! thanksgiving~
hope they will come back china again in the days to come,
however i'll waiting for the day until its really coming.
i wished "mio myo" very enjoyed with the first time come to china,
and had a wonderful night!
thank you all, goodbye.
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nike sofia amorina felldin
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