# sickness #ph all by me

fell into a hole,
my ears were ringing
followed every rule and kept repeating
could i be a fool?
in the silence,
you're the first one that i turn to
you're the first voice that i turn to
in the absence of my own
there's an enemy among us.
there's an enemy among us
and he stole as best he could,
he stole as best he could
as an enemy among us there's an enemy among us
he stole as best he could our hearts like an enemy should
and when i awoke my friends were sleeping
i put on my coat to keep from freezing
something isn't right
in the silence...
ph# buffalo records, codyjune

we put all our dreams in big a trunk.
i hope all your dreams come true.
the precious time slipped by twinkling.
please goes to be true to yourself.i can trust you in everything.
my good friends,be ambitions.so just as spring must turn to fall.
so must we all grow old.
i wana be keep good friends you.
sometime i make trouble for you.
so,don be anxious about tomorrow.
we will walk along this way.
can not see the forest for the trees.
nothing that man does can be perfect.
there is no knowing what will happened in the future.
this stars will shining still in the twilight of our life.
like a bird to be free. leave everything to luck.
i wana stay with my friends with my love.
nothing changed.
# my friend and i were got a blackness bright day, and we plans go to cinema to watch ' the terminator 2 ', about after two days, looking forward :)