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vampire likes blackness, romantic and lace,# the trophies of today :)

# so tired with this homemade, finally finished, yeah ph# ffffound.com

# yesterday i was go shopping with my mom and then i bought something


# these days with my friends irandrea, coco and her boyfriend, and at the meantime it was got so many intersting and happy things happened, like irandrea her mom and us found a pair of truly vintage high heels at her home, and we had some totally free shopping vouchers, but only had coco she was to bought something but only just some bras and underwears...and so on.

# eerily ph# ffffound.com


# industrialization of romanticism ph# le fashion, oh dear it's liana


# vampires is my lover ph# emma nygren, fashion copious, brightlightbrightlight

ph# anouk sent it to me, unknow

# wild & fideism ph# lhfc, after hours


# today i was went to check my disused email address, then i saw a site it called so long as it is black and their editor marie sent me an email, (please click to this site, if you loving any black things just like me) and she said she have been reads my blog for a long time, and she invited me to contribute with the 'my favorite black', that's really nice, i'd love to, and i must to tell you, this is a pretty amazing site


ph# ffffound.com!
the 10 eccentricities with my own:
1. i was always enjoyed makes clothes to reversed then wear it up,
2. i was eats sushi without mustard forever,
3. i hated to pick up my mobile-phone, when that my phone it rings up,
4. i closed up my window when i was smoking,
5. i can keep to working with 30 hours on my computer,
6. i can't sleep without music,
7. everytime when i found i was walking into a place with alot people, then i'll like to avoided this place, then to walk another way with there only just a few people,
8. i like to walk with the nights,
9. i was always enjoy to find some amazing things,
10. i always feel sick with the cars

# gareth pugh backstage at singapore, matthew stone shoots backstage at the audi fashion festival in singapore, woo, an awesome show will comes up, and i doing for some handmade too, soon will be comes up :D

# soooooooo great, i want them so bad, ok, i'll going to look for with these similarity patterns, go into my list at soon plz

ph# style rookie

# 16, may,
about the "print photos" it was famous things that people loves to do in asia, i haven't to do with this stupid thing for a long time, but 16th we were fucking foolish again