i feel i'm so gratitude to them.
they are all cute guys and had a greatest band,
they made the songs that we crazy with!
and we're all enjoyed in that moment.
love the vocal, you had a pretty amazing stature~
last night was raining outside,
but "mio myo" makes everyone was burning inside.
"mio myo" done a really good job, chose a pretty way for their whole life.
we are so glad we met those guys and their music now.
what a unforgettable night! thanksgiving~
hope they will come back china again in the days to come,
however i'll waiting for the day until its really coming.
i wished "mio myo" very enjoyed with the first time come to china,
and had a wonderful night!
thank you all, goodbye.
click their myspace!

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  1. HI There, i just found this pictures. It was such a nice evening. We are coming back again. MIO MYO China Tour dates here:



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