current/elliott fall 2008 lookbook

and i bought these:

pic: garance doré


do you know what this mean?

do you know what i want to tell you?

even you don't want to know.

ha ha,

this is my darkness of the confusion!

i'm standing at the chaos of brink!

its windy and raining inside my heart,

but i'm still look very imperturbable & calmly unharmed as usual.

this is my skill,

but also be my mortally vital.

but i can't take medicine.

for this problem,

i can't answer you.

because its too complicated.

pics: james robjant

chic styling.
it's vlada roslyakova at elie saab fashion show. julia frakes at christian lacroix fashion show - paris 2009.
[amy ost]-- you & me


my friend's cat.

[ i'd rather be a kite.]

from mirage magazine
shot by johnathan leder
and featured ford model mikel ennis.
couture carrie said: daisy does it for spring 09!

[ ps ] - jan 2009


even though i just a little girl.

but you really shouldn't ...

pics: abless


wearing black today.
the bag- vintage.
the dress- h&m.
the boots- bought in taobao.
the high-heel- bought in taobao.
the panty hose- bought in taobao.
pic: by me.


my friend, irandrea.

my boot .

board game- killer.

the boy is not very clever. haha

just kidding...

happy spring festival, everyone! (that is china's new year.)

pic: pics by me