i've been crazy about that and i can't quit from these having diaphaneity clothes.
i'm so so so sooo tired at last night, because i had the painting lesson for whole day,
so today i have to post those photos from yesterday.
but most fortunately is i slept very well last night.


hellisheiði, iceland
let the spider go, not to binded it
jumper_unique; dress worn as skirt_cos; golden necklace_adam & eve;
ring & bracelet_elena cruz; shoes_uterque; bag-miumiu.


at this morning, i tried for struggled to solving with an riot,
and cleaned for some cullet.
however, i was finally make all the troubles eliminated.
# ps: does anyone had ever heard
that you can cut the prices at ipod(of course is in their shops)
when here got some products that you really decide to buy?
i guessed that most people all will say that is impossible, no way,
of course i'm on your side when i first time to heard about that,
and i was laughing with it and then i told my friends
i cannot believe with this "pie in the sky" right now, gimme time.
but anyway, somebody was truly did.
so, let we accept the reality,
god blessed.

to everyone:

actually i didn't know what can i say anymore :(


ph by jak & jil
wow, here now it's a rainy morning, but seems good,
sky and air are very clearly, and not hotness,
the wind also makes me felt very softness,
and smelling refreshing and very fresh and cool,
all those things gave me a happiness mood at this morning,
nothing better than that any more!
what a fantastic day!
i plan to walk around on the streets and take my earphones like i used to,
and i'll go shopping at night!
#hope you all had a good weekend, kisses <3


oh, still hippie

pic: +++junijuli+++


i was jumping
pics: my picasa


if you feel you are so laborious ...


long distance calling
to pry in the fog.

devil's daughter, angel's lover

more: my flicker

( my new jacket )
even though i was still enjoyed in the darkness,
but why not,
i mean that it made me feel so much better than anytime before,
just do the things you really want to do.
if you love to be naked,
you can choice naked in the bathtub,
or naked in a empty house,
or naked in a forest,
or naked in a hill with the wind,
or also can be naked sit on the rock in front of the sea!
they're all the good choice,
at least i'm so yearn for that.