founded in 1996, douglas, a veteran of the indie pop band,

las vegas is a magical place.

this album collection thier 1996-2001 of the songs ,

at the same time,

also includes four former first before not publish for

john peel's bbc radio1 programs recorded music.

this eight people of the scottish band,

introvert but not in isolation,

beautifully but not weakness,

freshness ,not contrived,


but not stagnation and mediocrity.

arranger no conventional pattern give to

various aspects of clever configuration,

fusion of the guitar,

small horn, xylophone, flute, harmonica,

organ, percussion, and so on,

Orchestral pour out brisk music make people vertigo .

in spiritually continue to the untimely death of scotland f

olk music legend nick drake the most delicate of one side.

and 80's at the begin ,

the smith's pale and weak of the young pure love,

a lot of sweet parts can't refrain from make

peoples to think of the velvet underground

most tenderness when times in .

female vocal monica queen and male lead singer Stuart Murdoch

and cooperation is also a bright spot.

b & s always to take the goodliness melody and

gentle voice to daubing of discoloration of the dream and depression,

magic power like circling,

difficult for a long time to dissipate.


soul around the some people.

all by myself

when i was young
never needed anyone

and making love was just for fun
those days are gone

living alone

i think of all the friends i've known

but when i dial the telephone

nobody's home

all by myself

don't wanna be all by myself anymore

all by myself

don't wanna live, all by myself anymore

hard to be sure

sometimes i feel so insecure

and love so distant and obscure

remains the cure

don't wanna live

all by myself, by myself

don't wanna live i never, never, never needed anyone .

--------"eric carmen"

go try to listen

this song is very appropriate to express me

would like to have a love

but do not want to believe in love of contradictions mood.



girl meets NYC

the cherry blossom girl


my daydreaming,

i dream to live in a remote forest in Europe,

every day, i can to run or bike to the end of the cliff,

look at dawn, sunset and moon, the stars of the night.

can shuttle in the jungle, from time to time to enjoy the sun light.

i can do in the free space do not have the time constraints.

Worry-free swimming naked in the lake, enjoy in the afternoon time,

drinking tea, reading, write poetry, play guitar,

thinking a few hours ,see the movie, intimate contact with nature,

feelings of sun of caressed,

ride the little bike to go to the town to buy fresh flowers and breakfast ,

and have fun in antique shop .

encounter with a sweet man.

and so on ...

pic: amlul.com

pic: style bubble

but you have to know that this is just a pipe dream, it is not realistic.


it accompany me until the day I die

all pics: fashion chalet
shoes in your life and the same holds a unique position.
only have It can final to accompany me to the End of the World.
and that's why i love shoes.


maple bee


maple bee

original name:

melanie garside

melanie was set up the band vertigo angels when in 2003 to start using the nickname of maple bee . vertigo angels has already been disbanded.

i'm listening and thinking

this included electronic pop music, alternative rock, folk and classical music

on a variety of style and the musical player and composer from the uk ,

every day .


don't believe in love

don't believe in love
I wanna go to bed
With arms around me
But wake up on my own
That I'm still sleeping
Til' you go home
I can't look at you
This morning
I should probably have a sign
That says
'Leave right now or quicker'
You've overstayed your time
If I don't believe in love
Nothing will last for me
If I don't believe in love
Nothing is safe for me
When I don't believe in love
You're too close to me
And that's why you have to leave
Maybe I slept peaceful
On your shoulder
Your arm warm around my side
But it's different now
It's morning
And I can't face your smile
The second that I feel
Your safe hands
Reaching out for mine
I slip away and out of sight
You've ovestayed your time
If I don't believe in love
Nothing is good for me
If I don't believe in love
Nothing will last for me
When I don't believe in love
Nothing is new for me
Nothing is wrong for me
And nothing is real for me
If I don't believe in love
If I don't believe in love
If I don't believe in love
Nothing is left for me
If I don't believe in love
You're too good for me
-----"Safe Trip Home"Dido
Finally, I would still choose dont believe in love.
In fact, anything on the surface are just a false illusion.
Therefore, nothing can make me to believe that,
nothing can make me to believe these are the real thing.
Especially love this thing,
it is really disappointed when you encounter more.
Now I only know, I believe to more and more,
it will hurt the deeper.