as the wild.
when i woke up again and again in every morning,
then i loneliest again and again in all day untill the day ended once again.
you didn't know.
pics: lolita
firekites - same suburb different park (official video) 2008
oh my god,
it's really unusual for this video.
i'm very enjoyed for that.
but, i must have to say just like this comment from youtube,
"i'm sure the number of times i watch this video per day is extremely unhealthy. "
yeah, i am really agree with this point.
but, anyway i think you really need to watch this video,
if you are interested~
natasha poly outside balenciaga
hanne gaby odiele outside rick owens

pics: jak & jil

" the reader ".

fall 2009 ready-to-wear
rue du mail