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# i'm gonna get stabbed
the baltic fleet are up my arse
no cavalry could ever save me
i'm gonna get stabbed
you dont want to stab me,you dont want to stab me,
cause you dont know my family
and our capabilities
you dont want to stab me
i had my choice,
i took my choice
that was to stand and fight the fleet boys
but now i find myself running for my life
i seen their swords and their knivesand
i changed my mind
its time to go, its time to run
run rabbit run.
run rabbit run
# my mom made the "tang yuan"(dumplings made of sweet rice) for night's dinner,
not bad, thanks mom
# i miss ian i miss jd so bad # pt.1
#image 1-2, model#tuesday( such a intersting name!)
#image 3, model#alena kozlova
# oh no, i just fuckin love the transparency :p ph#fashion does it better
# what the black or white for?
#anastasia, " i love to eat, i don't like rain, my message to the world: i don't know"
# i love this whole look,
gives me lots of inspiration but i don't like her face look,
so i had to cut to some where from this photo then to show people a best version,
oh, i don't like her bag, either,
the destructiveness such strong