although i often think that guangzhou whole , it's not suitable for me,
its prosperous,
its unique to the city's strong sense of rhythm.
let me had how many times no longer recognize, here had one place would make me to stay a while there.
however, i saw not the same as guangzhou in this flicker.
multi-angle & in-depth attention!
is that they, let me re-retrieve to the old feelings.
anyway, with regard to my home town-- guangzhou, China.
regardless of here it is whether right for me,
it makes no difference whether i will leave,
there will be what kind of matter in the future.
with my hometown, i will have a thick emotional.
one a can not wash away and can not wipe net to the feelings !
because it is my native land,
accompany me grow up, accompany me changes, education me, to take care me of hometown!