# love that highheel, amazing, ph# unknown

# hey, listen, i had been watched the "this is england" now, that was fuckin great, really, and i was heard its soundtrack also damned good, so i have download it with a "rar", if there has someone was watched this movie, and then also love its soundtrack, just tell me your email address, i'll send to you,if you like :)

# i was go out to bought sushi, some junk food for dinner, and i also bought the vogue at new issue,now i gonna watch this film "this is england" and eat my sushi, see you around<3

# look like a british poet boy, ph# unknown
# i originally was a gif, but now i not, im a jpg now
i was from# polkadots & vodkashots

# i said i supports "le somking"
# i just go there to walk around, if you didn't have see me to coming back after such a long time, then dont needs to wait for me, cause i will ever not to coming back anymore
ph# adam weatherford, chanel ph# fashion sprinkles
los angeles art project feb 2009# hedi slimane's fashion diary