mist objects

# all day at home, really relax! feel so good and i was let the facial mask to cover my face


# last night i drunk out, everytime when i have been drunk, i knew it and i also wouldn't to say 'i not drunk!' just like the other people, i wouldn't not to recognized. actually i felt not really good those weeks, i had a badly mood, there was so many things happened, and made me cant breathe and so sad but also very numb! and,,,,,,,,i fall in love with a guy, he's a japanese boy, i feel really happy everytime when he chatted with me, i felt unhappy everytime when he doesn't contact me.,,,,,, god! i'm tired, don't you know? for my dream, i must be really hard to live out in this city, and very work hard! please dont gave me too many sad things! am i fade into you?