to sidestep

ph# catherine pri, Hanna, unknown

felt so hard,,,,

# yesterday i went to bought the new shoes, so happy!! but at the same time, my friend and i were also got some troubles, that's pity, but yesterday was a good day anyway

# and i runs myspace now, click here and add me if you have myspace too xx


beautiful savior

you're leaving me a thousand times
but you don't know
you're healing me with your touch
but you don't know
you don't know

help me

# found from: some required

somewhere to go, just followed your psychic

She was the… the patron saint of 23rd street. She was around for a lot of that, she … wandering around the hotel hallways in the middle of the night, carrying a little yellow cardboard box. And she inhabited the place like a butterfly or … There was this kind of sadness about her and a… and she did have this light. and nobody ever knew her real name.          there was times i'd see her coming down that street, stepping through broken bottles and gum, and carrying her shoes, barefoot. people said she was crazy but i don't know.     about six months before the fire there was … there was a big blackout. famous, summer blackout. she walked around through the halls giving everyone candles. scared everybody away in the end.

# song for Alice



# jak&jil.com

windy day cloudy day rainy day there is no sunny day here...

# in a cloudy day, you went a part then let it be a windy day on your roadway and I only return to my part then let it be a doomsday on my roadway

the fallen darkness angel,,,

# last night the transformers: revenge of the fallen, I DIE


the affection

# today, we finally the first were sit down and had full enough time to talking about each other of our lately affection,,,, original we both afraid of get hurt, afraid of if we fall in love,,, we all got the same feeling,,,, now we got the same painful,,,

# go to buy a swimsuit tomorrow and go cinema to watch ' transformers: revenge of the fallen ', good night everyone, have a good dream xx


safe sound and tranquility darkness eve at night

# went to hospital today afternoon, i hates go to hospital forever, it was not a good felt


just to walk along...

# walk along and what we found on the way, ph# ffffound.com


the unique feeling

# today was a holy day, i finally got my first tattoo of my life,,, i felt magic, and all crucifix were be a half of my life

# trespasser A and trespasser B, ph# it was looping, buffalo records


# loooove this new movie 'blood# the last vampire', yeah, it is my taste, and this movie, omg prettty cooool and fab

# day 1,
xx my daddy, yeah, ready to buy a notebook!! the vanilla ice-cream, i crazy about it,,,,
# day 2
the efficiency, the speed, and just to followed your heart, dinner time but it also were the working time, we were so tired at that day and we finally can just sit down and to rest a while, though it was the only once time that we had sitting for about this whole day. this week we were all only talked around the new idea we got. and this month, ah, i'll become so busy, though i loves working, but sometime when i think of those plans i just felt my brain have been becomes up swollen, really wants let it all over, but you know, though that sometimes i hates it but i also always enjoyed in it, called me fool please! this month, my japanese friends he might coming here and have a meet with me about some projects of clothing made, and i may needs go to airport on rush and waiting,,, tired,,, and then with these days i needs go to buy for some new model of the snakeskin pattern shoes, and i really needs to apply for the entry visas in hong kong, my friends and i plans go to HK to shopping, and also got a really important thing, on about july, my friends sanna she lives in sweden and she might will go to hongkong, and shanghai, we plans if she surely will go hongkong then we will have a meet in HK, but it was still unknown, sanna will tell me how is her trip like or what on lately when she is really make sure, and the llllllast thing is,,,,,,, i have been signed up to study swedish!!!!!!!!!!! oh, i cant wait,,,, i wishing it will start to begin its lessons with summerholidays, that'll be greattttt. xx