a kind of the texture

ph# ffffound.com

last night a met

# ready to make for an indie video about the love of lesbian

dark mystery

# that day was my friend janet her birthday, so happy xx

a rainy sunday

# at studio all day

ASAP The Forth stage:when the otherwise to became the norm


# dinner time at joyman/ these photos all shot by my friend# kyan au(he is a photographer)

that day of the solar eclipse and my little DIY project

# that day morning i was so early gets up about 6:00 am to waits for the time of solar eclipse in china,
it was fab and awesome!! so much touching,,,,,
# and also that day i had to done my little DIY project ,
now i show you some pics,,,,,,
pt# 1
pt# 2
pt# 3
# finished


the death is waiting for you,,,,

# and realy to eats your soul