scent adjustment: fresh flower scent stressed, floral mellow tune

top note: wild strawberries, violet leaves, pink grapefruit

middle note: gardenia, violet, jasmine
low note: musk, vanilla, jane wood

year: 2007 notes: lotus, green mango, grapefruit, calamus, sycamore, and incense.

frozen hot-blooded
i can't move.
i can't.
stop thinking.
i know i lost something.
something important.
it was shining!
but i know.
those all has been gone.
i feel so bad.
i feel sad.
you frozen the hot-blooded of mine.
i can't breathe.
i can't.
stop looking.
i know i will not to see the bright.
i will always live with the gloomy,
until i die!
anyway, my hot-blooded have been frozen.
inferior to
let me end as soon as day by day to the suffering .
that's too cruel.
you frozen the hot-blooded of mine.

hesitated for a few minutes,
ha ha, decided to post this picture up.
because this puppy is too cute(affirms: i am very love dogs ), and it just very looks like my puppy(when it was a baby)!

pic: jak & jil

* ebay

good job! dr. martens 1460 boot.

pics: 1460 work boot



last bus sails away
and night calls an end to another day
no more you can do
to fight the things you need to get you through
someone to be strong
some belief that on the way
some peace could be found
we're all the same
as the last bus sails away
last bus sails away
and everything you were falls away
only this remains
always underneath our tired games
clear-eyed or confused
a quiet heart still feels the same
angered or amused
we're lost again
as the last bus sails away

----[ last bus ] arco

pics: girl meets NYC

pics: myltan

some notes on napkins