burberry spring summer 2009
lily donaldson,
eden clarke,
alexina graham,
richard wyndham.
i made a very large & boredom gif for everyone ; ).
oh, i'm forgot to posted for this old pic( at 08 summer).
i want your smile.

from pure poison to model style to now blond hair, ahead of fashion week,
model and artist iekelien stange is seen plain and simple in the above video.
text & video by: fashion copious
a strong winter .
my friend's cat is so fucking amazing!
we called it Q guy.
oh, i love this pic,
the perfect shot!
i love its pinky nose!
cute, cute, cute!
martin: for eighty miles, oh, how we drove
mariel: i drove
martin: you drove
m&m: we drove together
martin: for eighty miles, puffing our smokes
mariel: i smoked
martin: you smoked
m&m: we smoked together
martin: but you loved me
mariel: yes, i loved you

martin: for seven days, oh, how we drank
mariel: i drank
martin: you drank
m&m: we drank together
martin: at old-side pubs in the rain
mariel: i drank
martin: you drank
m&m: let's drink together
martin: but you need me
mariel: yes, i need you
[mariel's brazen overture]---margot & the nuclear so and so's