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# i dont care, i was to swobble my dear icecream of today, there is a wonderful feeling we called it 'happiness' xx

Luigi and Luca

# You need to click about a bit on Berlin-based artistic duo Luigi and Luca's homepage to get to actually see any of their work. Once you do get there, you're hit with an over 18 warning. The images that ensue on Luigi and Luca's site are the fruits of their working and personal relationship with some certainly warranting that initial warning. They are without a doubt homoerotic but always make you question the composition, the idea behind the image and what was going through Luigi and Luca's heads when they were making that image. Still, their work has gotten them into some sticky situations; a French magazine was banned in Switzerland for publishing pictures of them pissing. They've been faced with police interdiction at the Mexican border for carrying prints, which were considered pornography, and as a result, they were not not allowed to enter the country.Whilst they call themselves visual artists, they're also quick to embrace codes of fashion photography having worked with Frankie Morello on campaign imagery, a relationship that will carry on for next season. Taking that into consideration, Dazed shot Luigi and Luca as models for the July issue at painter Hans Peter Adamski's studio in Berlin. Given that Luigi and Luca are used to working by themselves, creating and controlling their images, they were happy to be styled by Robbie Spencer and shot by Holger Homann and we show the extra shots from the shoot here and find out more about their working partnership...

Paris Fashion Week A/W 09 Black Looks

# just to retrospect those excellence of ,,,,,,,,

# Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton showed yet again an 80´s inspired collection with lots of ruffles and a lot of ”pouf”. Katie Grand did some excellent styling with long and wild rabbit ears.

# Chloé showed us some great black velvet pieces, amongst them were a one-shouldered jumpsuit and a smoking-set with white dots.

# Sonia Rykiel did nice slouchy styles with lots of velvet and hats. Parisian chic all over again and happy models.

# By: Marie Schulz, Editor SORT A/S

Chronicles of Never: Black Noise White Rain

# Fashion label Chronicles of Never is thriving evidence that you cannot underestimate the power of ambiguity. In the name of sex, identity and creativity, Gareth Moody’s latest enigmatic offering titled Black Noise White Rain, is as genderless as it is arcane. Previously one of the founding members of Tsubi now Ksubi, Moody’s own label launched in 2005 with an unequivocal agenda of vast exploration. Based upon the summer solstice, paganism and the obelisk, his Spring/Summer 09 collection manifests to be something not quite of this world.

Dazed Digital: What has brought you to where you are now and what have you learnt along the way?

Gareth Moody: Well if I knew the answer to that, perhaps I’d be closer to understanding the meaning of life. I like to think we control a certain aspect of our lives, so in saying that I suppose my day to day actions have landed me where I am today, the rest is up to the universe. Thankfully I have learnt how to in one small way or another, dodge the system. Take that as you will.

DD: Previously one of the founding members of Ksubi, what made you want to go it alone?

Gareth Moody: Yes, many things, its not a one sentence answer, and I don't want to rant about this subject, but for the most part it no longer felt right to me on a personal level, nor a creative one. One of the lessons I learnt from this experience is that I am more comfortable acting on my own behalf, perhaps I am not a team player.

DD: Explain the meaning behind the name of your label: Chronicles of Never.

Gareth Moody: There is no one fixed meaning. It’s loosely based upon time and space, life and death, male and female, and the concept of a never land.

DD: Describe the aesthetic of your label.

Gareth Moody: Whimsical, fanciful, old world meets the new.

DD: Who or what inspires you whilst designing?

Gareth Moody: An image of yesteryear.

DD: Explain the androgynous and pagan influences within your collections.

Gareth Moody: It's an element of escapism, I’ve created this feel within the label to provide myself and hopefully the consumer with some breathing space from the modern world, personally, at times I find the modern system a little suffocating. The androgynous element compliments the label and its aesthetic, the silhouettes work on male or female I didn't see a reason to limit it to men.

DD: Why Black Noise White Rain?

Gareth Moody: Black Noise White Rain is a title of the current in store collection. Black noise is a reference to white noise, the mindless fuzz that sometimes gets in the way. White rain is a reference to black rain, a result from the fall out of Hiroshima.

DD: What's next for you? What can we expect from you for next season?

Gareth Moody: The up and coming season for the northern hemisphere is ‘ØDE TØ THE Ø’ which delivers into Liberty, Oki-Ni and Bespoke Boutique in August. The collection is a little more refined, more leather more tailoring, more long flowing knits and a large collection of footwear. Chronicles Of Never is stocked world wide, Liberty, Barneys, Ron Herman, Opening Ceremony, Factory, Harvey Nichols, Assembly, Midwest, Southwest Trader, Restricted Premises.

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