McMenamy The Legend

# McMenamy The Legend, Vogue Italia July 09

# Shot by: Steven Meisel, Model: Kristen McMenamy


# i'm so happy to show you my new shoes, it bought it from online-shop, maybe after few days it just will become to mine


# the second photo its black one shoes, did you felt there is just a little bit similarity with the great brand its tara boots, right? at least i thought that seems would be something interesting for me xx

there is no need

# today in starbucks i was met a sir he was based on our boots improved draft, then he given in up,,,,,,,
and this night, we just had a party at my friend her new house, everything just felt so good, but i also always worried with a friend, a specially friend of mine, i really care about this friend, this friend just means very important for me!