# h&m have becomes up darkness and rock n roll with you,
but not sure if this collection is available in the states
ph# fashion indie

assess the situation# i-d may 2009, with marina pérez by paul wetherell
# knew the model marina pérez by jak&jill,
she's a stunner, and then she's a blogger too, wanna see that? here is it
# this one was irandrea herself, i had the similar style one,
and those nails of mine it is the silver color, not the golden
( you can see it at the following posted, and this feet model by inrandrea)
pt.2 was at here# yesterday i was with my friend have go
to bought many newly arrived commodities at one go,
i have been not so cheerful for a long time,
my felt my own self came back again and working again now,
and the last is you can see i was still into the black
and the transparent and did not want to go yet another way :p
god blesses us & thanksgiving ++
vogue italia may 2009# the now smash of style
photo# craig mcdean

# yesterday it was such a hard work day, we tired, we laughed, we waited, we enjoyed,
my friend Irandrea and i were got too many things, and i'll gonna show and meet to all of you with part.2(coming up) ;p
so,,, plz wait for that post, or dont go away too far then back here once again on a later, okay?
see you around :)
# my friend's kitties, there are three little kitties and their mom at here,
the first one called "gold", the second one called "wave", and the third one called "basket",
those are their english name, and means the same things with the chinese, too....
# no one will be able to catch on this sonic girl, soniccccccc on shaking# vogueroine
# oh, give me five for that powerful day with my friend Irandrea at saturday
# we are black, we are darkness, we are the pussies, we were have magic
#bob: "just be yourself" then edie:"well, which one?"
# pure you are all gets so hurt
model# supreme