pic: face hunter

dressed very relaxed and casual of those days.
those are all from here

those backstage pics are all shoot by sonny vandevelde.

and get this wonderful information, it was from dear diane pernet!

god, i don't know.
she's a really amazing girl,
i like it very much, for a long time!
go to read her blog, go!!
dresses of time

apr 09 vogue china
model: liu wen
ph: daniel jackson;
fashion editior: joanna schlenzka

scanned by aja

eerie's night

british girls experimental music team "mayming" chinese tour, guangzhou station.

violoncello + electronic + voice

31/3, 21:30 @ 191 space.

admission ticket: 40 rmb.

listen: http://www.myspace.com/mayming

yes, i hope i could go!

paris, march 8, 2009
fall 2009 ready-to-wear