the trailer of the film
started to shoot at last year september in paris,
expected premiere in french local at april 22 this year.

nominations for golden globe: shirley maclaine as coco chanel


"a woman resorted to a black pullover and few bunches pearl necklace,

and then it was revolutionary changed the fashion."

———— christian dior


coco chanel's lifetime very classic,

set up shops, design clothing, stay single, once had the love.

and her white and black, camellia, pearl necklace.

because of her, mademoiselle this appellation just like a title.

although the famous coco chanel has died for thirty years,

but about the legendary coco chanel has never seemed to disappear in this city,

and sometimes, when through cambon in paris on the 31st street,

will make people think of the most high-spirited of coco chanel;

often through paris ritz hotel, also could not help but want to go look at the

legend that has been aged woman still sitting in the lobby all day,

has been in front at flattery her young reporter, disdain the endless mockery,

and verbal abuse from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century,

from a political ridicule to fashion, from abusive men also laughed at the woman,

more or extremely also always around here refuse to leave,

like her sleepwalking disease relapse, as will wearing wearing satin pajamas,

jumped from the bed down, then all night the leeds restaurant small garden swing,

while those between the ups and downs,

incredible footage of life in their life has already begun at broadway

was constantly repeating itself ......

now people expect this movie will tell us what kind of coco chanel?

coco avant chanel, how that would be a period of time gabrielle beautiful legend?

. gabrielle the best time

text by: reprint.

fall 2009 ready-to-wear
william rast


i write a letter to myself
i write the words i'll never say
well! i drunk coffee all the night...
i write a letter to myself and to my ghost
the wonder in my eyes today
will be regret tonight
i'll smile at the mirror
the teardrops in my eyes today
will be the same tomorrow
but they'll never touch the ground
down down down down down down down down down
down to the bottom
quiet all around
stars became fireflies
heartbeat slows down
and my name will be just a sound
ps: i hate mondays!
pics by me.