numero 99

photographer: camille vivier

styling by samuel francois

hair by laurent philipon

makeup by lloyd simmonds

model: hanne gaby odiele

pics: supreme management being

vogue us ,
i'm sorry, i don't know the group of these pics were in which month.
so i don't know who had to taken these beautiful pics, either.
i'm really sorry. *:~:*....

pic: fashion copious

stockholm- slussen & medborgarplatsen, 01/17/09

pics: face hunter

designer: aski kataskidesigner: limi feu

[装苑 so-en]. feb 2009
pic: abeo

i want to drink fresh lemon tea and some strawberries,
wait a moment will go out to buy it,
but i'm not very sure there will had the strawberry sell in this season.
but it does not matter,
maybe will be a surprise!
who know that?

extra :

hey, everybody just listen!
please called me haylin(this is my previous used name,

well-thought after that i think this name will be more appropriate.)at the later date.
i no longer called the greta now!
thank you so much!