i like that's it to show the weird ,
decadence,pastorale hippy,
slightly a little vicissitudes of feeling.
and I think It is in this respect to attract me to like it.
in addition,
i think roberto cavalli this season will also
very need to lara stone, natasha poly, lily donaldson,
kim noorda, snejana onopka,their are all the queen.
i'm moodiness a reef,
i went into hiding one person to watched only has of half the movie,
only took two cigarettes to smoking,
in the only a foul smell and rats can be from time to time seen of the dark inside.
but to final i can feel quiet.

zebra woods from a dream of beginning.
i was reading this book in these days.

her band: hopscotch
her flickr:dirstyswim

her 17-year-old, she created a world.

cross over of the moved,

terrible hallucinations.

the inspiration and gifted for

the largest with the outbreak.

refuse to panic,

refusal into the reality,
refused to collapse.