firekites - same suburb different park (official video) 2008
oh my god,
it's really unusual for this video.
i'm very enjoyed for that.
but, i must have to say just like this comment from youtube,
"i'm sure the number of times i watch this video per day is extremely unhealthy. "
yeah, i am really agree with this point.
but, anyway i think you really need to watch this video,
if you are interested~


  1. that's a dreamy, magical video. thanks. and no need for so much thanks about my comment. i have only say the truth. i really like your blog and you like mine, that's great. no problem and have fun with blogging ;)

  2. 为什么你有这么多汉语汉字?
    Do you speak chinese?
    By the way...nice blog!


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