ill, hospital, death, death's daughter

# the rain falls on the out of my window,dark clouds covered to the sky you gives me,i couldn't feels any warm,i felt i'm weak.
there was a big bridge in front of me,my strength are weak,,there is nothing i can do.I breathing in the every smells of teardrops,touching the imaginary of you in the dark nights,i felt i'm weak.

i deceiving myself, placating myself,i blowing up myself, harshly denouncing myself,i couldn't give a shit.
I endured the tired out, helpless for every day,no matter it was got how many days, i was carring it all along.but,i felt i'm weak.

# by me at the night of 8th july

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  1. Thank you so so so so so so much!!!

    i love your blog too!

    Great pics!!

    xx from Spain!


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