# hey you all, who can answer me some quetions? if you are swedish would be best,
1. what about swedish people their consumption level like?
2. what about your or swedish people their usual styles?

# made a shitty video for you allllll..... i hate that color, tooo yellow, sick

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  1. I'll help you out, i live in sweden.

    1. a lot of people (especially young girls) love to shop vintage clothes. the vintage stores are much emptier nowadays. that's something that's gotten really popular. also, mixing vintage pieces with more exclusive clothes such as Swedish designer brands is quite common. another thing very typical for Sweden is shoping at the big chain of stores such as H&M for example. that is the ultimate classic. we have PLENTY of stores that keeps repeating in every center and city. that is unfortunately why a lot of people dress a like. one of the reasons vintage got so big.

    2. the style i'd say is quite minimalistic and clean, yet quite proper in the way of not dressing as playfull as in other countries, and very trendy. in general the Swedes dress really well, and really pay attention to fashion, but often they manage to make something special and unique of their outfits, something personal.

    hope you got to know what u were interested in knowing


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