# this is my admission ticket, my photo is ugly
# it was shot at 2th, may
i was finally finished all the tests up
oh, i was fuckin busy at this week,
i almost cannot breathe, because the art school,
i was went to their admissions examination for two days.
the first day, we were tested culture based on knowledge,
the maths and english tests at morning.
and we done the chinese test at afternoon.
and at second day(last day), i had done my "the major in painting" test
and interview at morning.
i was so nervous and tired, and i cannot slept well at these two days and this week,
anyway, i felt everything not bad and really cool with these tests,
now everything had been gone, and i've been finished my school study,
now i feel i just like the most free human on the earth,
since my classmate they were still needs to study and very hard,
and then the people who work in offices, they also had to work every day,
they only had a little time with weekends.
and i can go anywhere in anytime. i can do anything on anywhere.
last night, i slept for 16 hours, nothing will gonna bother me anymore.
now i just waiting for my admission information and my summer holidays!
jesus, that we will got a few months of time.
that will have some many things gonna happened.

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  1. Hi Haylin!
    Sounds like a stressful and exciting time for you... Good luck!
    Love your casual look :)


    P.S. Will add your new blog to my Fellow Fashionistas!


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