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the 10 eccentricities with my own:
1. i was always enjoyed makes clothes to reversed then wear it up,
2. i was eats sushi without mustard forever,
3. i hated to pick up my mobile-phone, when that my phone it rings up,
4. i closed up my window when i was smoking,
5. i can keep to working with 30 hours on my computer,
6. i can't sleep without music,
7. everytime when i found i was walking into a place with alot people, then i'll like to avoided this place, then to walk another way with there only just a few people,
8. i like to walk with the nights,
9. i was always enjoy to find some amazing things,
10. i always feel sick with the cars


  1. hahah i have car sickness and hate crowded places too :| and

  2. u sure hope u stopped smoking

  3. i hate picking up my mobile phone
    i think sushi tastes best plain
    carsickness isn't fun



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