# ii like this boots, and today i was left a comment to "jak&jil" for their the second post with a coat by balmain, click here to see
# i was said,
i think that’s really witty,i like “jak&jil” was make fun with her coat,
and i was thought,
if she had seen this photo then how she feel about that some people were laughed on her wears, mad mad mad
i really felt glad with this posted,
finally had someone to stands out and tells people we dont like that,
i really have been sick of all these similar coat,
it was really had became straggle with a long time,
but people always cannot be maintain their selves,
since it seems still okay, popular and rocks, what the fuckin shit!
you can see alot of this kind coats at “jak&jil”,and alot of fucking editors was wearing that,
just to piss off from the stylish : (


+ leavinga commenti fyoud are +