jodie broadhurst, age 16 american, kristy o’connor, age 15 english
lisa ratliffe, age 19 english, clare durkin, age 22 english
francsesca knowles, age 14 english, jenna collins, age 15 english
felicity ridgway, age 15 english, pipsa hurmerinta, age 21 finnish, liberty Ross, age ??

screen test no. 1: girls on film
from the dazed archives: december/january 2000,
photographer: corrine day,
styling: katy england,
video camera: mark szaszy and dan brooks,
hair: neil moody at premier for aveda debbie stone at premier for ruby and milly,
make-up: kate lee at forward using shu uemura and debbie stone at premier for ruby and milly,
styling: assistant sara burn.
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