born in suffen new york and working in brooklyn, 31 year old erika somogyi creates
mysterious landscapes that veer between the mythical and contemporary.
with her water colours she paints in bright
and vivid colours to further heighten the effect of somogyi's imagination.
together with evan greenfield, somogyi is exhibiting at the mountain fold gallery
in new york and the show "we're not there" opens on 17th october.

...so special about you, then?
i can communicate with plants and animals.

...your worst vice?

...better - analog or digital?
analog, no digital, no i just adapt to what's available.

...the world coming to?
it's getting crowded full of people and garbage and chain stores. there's more everything.
oh man, that sounds grim.

...the best advice you've ever heard?
be true to yourself and speak your mind. there is power in positive thinking.

....at the top of your shit list?
i'm really trying to be patient and positive but if i must,
liars of the world, you know who you are.

...your favourite website?
http://www.frankiefeverforever.com - check out those videos!

...the name of your hero?
nina hagen

...so great about your hero?
she can be sublime and terrifying at the same time - really emotional.

...next year going to bring?
lots more paintings! come see my october show with evan greenfield
at mountain fold gallery in NY. beautiful life, beautiful love, happiness, believe it!

how would you describe your work?
my work is full of color and psychic energy, day and night, representational and abstract,
life and death, growth and destruction, full and empty.
text by -susie bubble

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