i have been very chaotic of to grow up,
and step by step, with difficulty.
and i, have always been one person,
no more friends, let alone the lover.
so i hope to have one.
but no one will love me,
i knew,
so i can only self-pity from the sorrow, throughout the years.
because no one will be heartache & love dearly to me.
even if i always think i don't need.
cause i'm a very strange and mysterious person.

but now,
i'm really don't want to look at the sea by one person,

playing, also one person.

doesn't want to go home by only one person ,

doesn't want to walk down the dark street by one person ,

doesn't want to live by one person ,

to always escape from the crowd,

have been at fled, i have been at large,

now i just feel i'm so tired,

now i don't want to escape anymore.

i need a warm and safe place,

let me not to escape,

there maybe is a warm home, or maybe it is the lover's embrace of the harbor.

pics: martha boxley

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haha, i'm so good at telling stories from the pictures.

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  1. yeah, that is what my distant lover said to me.


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