my daydreaming,

i dream to live in a remote forest in Europe,

every day, i can to run or bike to the end of the cliff,

look at dawn, sunset and moon, the stars of the night.

can shuttle in the jungle, from time to time to enjoy the sun light.

i can do in the free space do not have the time constraints.

Worry-free swimming naked in the lake, enjoy in the afternoon time,

drinking tea, reading, write poetry, play guitar,

thinking a few hours ,see the movie, intimate contact with nature,

feelings of sun of caressed,

ride the little bike to go to the town to buy fresh flowers and breakfast ,

and have fun in antique shop .

encounter with a sweet man.

and so on ...

pic: amlul.com

pic: style bubble

but you have to know that this is just a pipe dream, it is not realistic.

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